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Why Us?

The Marshall & Sullivan Difference

Working with Us Means

Gaining a Dedicated Financial Partner

Each life chapter brings financial implications and questions that can be complicated to answer on your own. New clients often approach us during a life change or as they prepare for a new situation. They desire to be intentional with their finances, and we serve as their partner to understand the moment they’re in and help them develop a strategic plan to reach their goals. We carefully handle their financial assets on an ongoing basis; our objective is to give our clients the freedom to focus their attention on work, family and personal life. 

Your Experience With Us

Is Centered on Your Wellbeing

We provide all of our clients with...

Values-Based Approach

We apply the values upon which our practice is based — experience, discipline and integrity — to everything we do. We care for your wealth as if it were our own. 

Specialized Knowledge

Our expertise is in the prudent and disciplined management of our clients' assets and comprehensive financial pictures.

Advanced Technology

Utilizing the latest technology enables efficient communication, real-time updates and a more secure process.

Personalized Service

We take the time to understand who you are and what you value most. We cherish the relationships we have built with our clients over time.

Client-First Approach

Our team strives to provide same-day follow-up, reliable follow-through, and solutions customized to you. We are willing to meet in the office, over the phone, or another place of your choosing.

Fee Structure

With a competitive, asset-based fee structure, we avoid the conflict of interest inherent in a commission-based relationship. We don’t believe wealth management should be done in any other fashion.

Bringing Ease to Your Life

By taking a hands-on approach to your wealth management, we are committed to helping our clients experience peace of mind around their financial futures.

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